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Nirvana Needle Arts

Nirvana Bone Crochet Hook Gift Set with Nirvana Case

Nirvana Bone Crochet Hook Gift Set with Nirvana Case

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This adorable gift set has all of our most popular sizes wrapped up in a portable cotton needle case, perfect for traveling or for gifting!

Includes Nirvana Needle Arts finely crafted 6" bone crochet hooks in sizes F/3.75mm; G/4mm; GH/4.5mm; H/5mm; I/5.5mm; J/6mm. Exquisitely smooth, they have a glass-like finish and a delicately carved finial. Each hook is individually handcrafted from materials reclaimed from the food industry, preserving what would otherwise be wasted.

Bone has properties similar to fine porcelain; care should be takes to avoid dropping them. It also has natural color variation, ranging in depth from off-white to ivory with hints of caramel and smoke.

Assorted Colors, fabrics may vary.

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