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HiyaHiya Interchangeable Single Point Adapter Set

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Single Point Adapter Set

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Start a small project on the go and add even more versatility to your HiyaHiya Interchangeables with a Single Point Adapter Set.

Create single point needles in a variety of lengths. Total length varies based on the combination of adapters and extenders and your needle tip length.

Sock fits Interchangeable tips sizes 0US/2mm through 1.5US/2.5mm.
Small fits Interchangeable tips sizes 2US/2.75mm through 8US/5mm.
Large fits Interchangeable tips sizes 9US/5.5mm through 15US/10mm.

Set includes:
Cable Stoppers (Bead or Panda)
3.5" Single Point Adapters
2" Single Point Extenders
3.5" Single Point Extenders

Interchangeable Tips are not included.

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